It’s time

It’s time. “Don’t ask, don’t tell,” the official position on sexual orientation in the military ended September 20, 2011.

President Obama announced that same-gender couples ought to have the right to marry on May 9, 2012.

Connecticut. Iowa. Maine. Massachusetts. New York. Vermont. The District of Columbia.

Joined on November 6, 2012 through public ballot referenda by Maryland, New Hampshire, and Washington as states that recognize the right of same-gender couples to marry.

The winds of change.

All over. Even in Kentucky. Yeah, you heard me correctly. Kentucky. Things are changing. On the front page of the Louisville Courier Journal this morning is this article about the way small towns in Kentucky are looking to enact legislation to make LGBTIQ people part of the enumerated classes protected against discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodations. It’s a big enough deal that even USA Today picked it up.

The culture is shifting.

It’s time.